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Kenny’s Window

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Así comienza

In the middle of a dream, Kenny woke up. And he remembered a garden.
«I saw a garden in my dream,» thought Kenny, «and a tree.»
There was a tree covered white with blossoms. And above the tree shone the sun and the moon side by side.



This is a book to be one’s private friend.
—Starred / Kirkus Reviews

For the first time, Maurice Sendak’s distinctive sketches accompany his own text. Together they have created a little boy’s unique world, blended of the reality inside and outside his window and the make-believe of his dreams.
— The Horn Book

Perfectly in tune with the story’s poetic quality are the pictures, in grays and soft tans to suggest nighttime and dreams, but drawn with a vigor and humor small children will love.
—Chicago Sunday Tribune

A classic (meaning that adults, who are the only
ones to give a hoot about «classics,» will like it,
too—and for a long time). To repeat, a classic.
— The Christian Science Monitor

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