un mundo iluminado

See and say = Guarda e parla = Regarde et parle = Mira y habla

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Así comienza

In a series of simple and brightly-colored woodcuts, the internationally known artist, Antonio Frasconi, has pictured here a variety of things which interest children—a boat, a Christmas tree, a dog, a train, a birthday cake, and many others. The word for each object is given in English (printed in black), Italian (printed in blue), French (printed in red), and Spanish (printed in green), with a guide to pronunciation for grownups. There is also a page of everyday expressions all children use.
For the very young, this will be a delightful beginning picture book; for children a little older this will be a beginning language book. Brought up in a house where more than one language was spoken, Mr. Frasconi learned at an early age that there is more than one nation and one way of speaking in our world. From his desire to give his own small son Pablo a sense of other countries and other tongues, Mr. Frasconi has made this beautiful and distinguished book so that many children may share in a rich experience.

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