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Subway Sparrow

año:, isbn: 978-0-374-47129-3, signatura: 390


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At the Atlantic Avenue station in Brooklyn, a sparrow flew into a subway car on the D train.


An English-speaking girl, a Spanish-speaking man, and a Polish-speaking woman might not be able to converse, but when a sparrow trapped in their subway car needs help, their common concern unites them to do what needs to be done.

A charming multicultural vignette, ingeniously constructed, nicely paced, and altogether disarming. —Kirkus Reviews

What makes this a special book is the theme of cooperation as people of different ages, genders, and cultures work together. The expressive pictures and the caring tone transcend any particular place or time.
—School Library Journal

The luminous full-page watercolor spreads of four people eager to assist a lovely sparrow are hard to resist. The intermingling of the three languages sounds authentic as each person expresses his/her concern in his/her own language.

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