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Tiny’s Big Adventure

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Así comienza

Two little mice jumped out of their hole in the barn.
«I want to go to the wheat field,» Tiny said.
«I’ll take you,» said his sister, Katy.
Tiny had never been to the wheat field before.



When Tiny Mouse wants to go to the wheat field for the first time, his big sister, Katy, says she’ll take him. They play wheat-field games, and Tiny sees lots of new things. New things can be exciting, but they can be scary, too. Thank goodness Katy is always right there when Tiny needs to feel braver!

This big adventure—from a small mouse’s point of view—captures all the excitement and fear of a first experience. Beloved author Martin Waddell’s newest heroes, Tiny and Katy, appear to leap off the pages, each charmingly illustrated with John Lawrence’s detailed engravings.

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