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When the Moon is Full

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Full moons come,
full moons go,
softening nights
with their silver glow.
They pass in silence,
all untamed,
but as they travel,
they are named.



With hand-colored woodcuts and lyrical poems, When the Moon Is Full portrays the twelve full moons of the year.
Tradicional Native American names, from the Wolf Moon to the Long Night Moon, follow the monthly path of the moon in all its wonder. A question-and-answer section provides moongazers old and new with information about the moon’s surface, lunar eclipses, and the true meaning of a blue moon.

«Azarian’s hand-painted woodcut prints provide evocative, haunting nature scenes for Pollock’s eloquent poems. This lovely volume will likely charm readers and inspire them to linger a bit longer under the nighttime sky.»
Publishers Weekly, starred review

«Azarian’s images are beautifully rendered, with an underlying strength.»

«This delicate collection of poems offers a beautifully illustrated look at a year’s worth of full moons.»
School Library Journal

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