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Diary of a Victorian Mouse

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This is the diary of a mouse
Discovered in a dark old house. He wrote his diary every day
And always found some words to say.
He travelled through the British Isles
And covered many thousand miles.
Saw countless streets and countless faces,
Stopped at many famous places,
Looking for a special cheese
That would his taste buds surely please:
But in his travels he could not find
The sort of cheese he had in mind.


One Saturday morning in 1987, Mr J J. Mouse was cleaning out the loft of his London home. No one had been up there for years and under a pile of aged newspapers he found a dusty, old, leather-bound book. It was the diary and sketchbook of his great-great-uncle Albert Mouse. The volume, which describes Albert’s travels around Britain in the 19th century, contains his wonderful illustrations and verses which capture the spirit of the Victorian world.

Diary of a Victorian Mouse is being made available to the public in a special facsimile edition identical to Albert Mouse’s original, it gives a rare opportunity to witness the 19th century world through the eyes of a Victorian mouse.

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