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I'll be you and you be me

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Así comienza

She is waiting for her friend, waiting and waiting…



«What a book! Probably the best combination thus far of the Krauss selective reporting on the talk of small children, with the Sendak genius for carrying out their ideas or carrying them further in hundreds of tiny figures. It is a Krauss-Sendak scrapbook, more or less on the theme of love and friendship as the nursery age expresses it in very brief stories, plays, ‘poems,’ ‘mysteries,’ dreams, and many potent exclamations stuck into corners of pages.»

—New York Herald Tribune Book Review

«Anyone of any age will find the reality of childhood in Maurice Sendak’s pictures. Small, delicately drawn, they have a force and an ebullience out of all proportion to their size.»

—The New York Times Book Review

«Ruth Krauss’s imagination mellows with successive books. This collection of odd rhymes and sayings has everything; it tickles the funny bone while making grown-ups sense in a child’s turn of phrase more than the surface meaning of the words.»

—Kirkus Reviews

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