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Swan Lake

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Once upon a time, all you needed was the right mix of enough evil and a good spell to transform a person into a tree, a rock, or even an animal. In those days, there lived a prince.



With a flash, the lake was bathed in a shimmering light, and before him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. «I am the Swan Queen,» she said. «I am the swan that you tried to kill.»

SWAN LAKE is perhaps the best-loved ballet of all time. Hans Christian Andersen Medal-winner Lisbeth Zwerger brings her singular vision to a glorious picture-book adaptation of the haunting story of an enchanted swan prineess. Her version is based on Tchaikovsky’s original 1877 ballet, with its happy ending in wich true love conquers all, rather than on the tragic, better-known 1893 version.
Her illustrations, luminous, lyrical, filled with grace and beauty gloriously evoke the brilliance of the ballet and the universal appeal of this beloved fairy tale.

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