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The tale of Timmy Tiptoes

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Once upon a time there was a little fat comfortable grey squirrel, called Timmy Tiptoes. He had a nest thatched with leaves in the top of a tall tree; and he had a little squirrel wife called Goody.



When Beatrix Potter wrote and illustrated The Tale of Peter Rabbit, she had little idea how popular this story and the twenty-two that followed it would immediately become. No other animal stories have so captivated the imagination of children and adults alike. Today the Tales are bestsellers all over the world, translated into many foreign languages. Frederick Warne uses the most advanced technology to reproduce the original pictures with a freshness and degree of authenticity unattainable until recently.
These little books should be among the first owned by any child and their appeal is still as strong as when the first story was published nearly one hundred years ago.

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